Daily Vs. Monthly Contacts: Which Is The Better Option?

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Your eyesight is one of the most important senses you have, that’s why it’s imperative to protect it by keeping your eyes hydrated, healthy, and safe. When it comes to prescription eye care, there’s no room to cut corners. Whether you’re wearing glasses or contacts, staying informed and choosing the option that works best for you is essential. In this article, we’re discussing daily vs. monthly contacts and which option is better for you!

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Contact lenses are a subtle, yet effective alternative to traditional framed glasses. Often, when we think of eyewear, we imagine all of the fun styles and options that traditional frames provide. But contact lenses are just as versatile– consider colored contacts– and provide all-day protection without the added weight of traditional frames. If you prefer to remove your contacts daily like glasses, no problem! However, contact lenses that remain inserted on a monthly basis are a neat option for those who prefer a more hands-free approach. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which option is right for you. Want to try them both? EyeDeal Family Eye Care has it all! But for now, let’s start by considering which option may be better based on structure, comfort, and cost.  

Daily Vs. Monthly Contacts

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There are quite a few factors to evaluate before deciding between daily vs. monthly contacts. Each option boasts a dynamic range of features that make them compatible for a wide variety of needs. But which option is better for your unique lifestyle? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you make your decision:

  • How thick are the lenses? 
  • Are they easy to insert and remove? 
  • Will they be difficult to remove in emergency situations? 
  • What if I scratch them? Will they come with extras?
  • How often should eye drops be used? 
  • Do they dry out quickly? 
  • How customizable are they? 
  • Will they be able to handle my stronger prescription? 
  • Is this option compatible with my active lifestyle? 
  • Will these lenses hold up if my eyes are constantly exposed to blue light? 

Speaking with your optometrist about these initial inquiries will help guide you toward the daily vs. monthly solution that is most fitting to your individual needs.

Daily Contacts

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Daily contacts are contact lenses that, as the name suggests, are worn daily without the need for any special upkeep or care. They are a disposable option as they are worn for roughly twelve to sixteen hours per day and then discarded after that day of use is completed. These lenses are intended for those with less severe corrective necessities and need to be replaced with a new set once removed for any reason throughout the day. They are not meant to be reinserted due to the risk of bacterial infection.  


These kinds of contact lenses are designed to be thin and moist for ease of use and all-day comfort. The structure of these lenses allows for enhanced flexibility upon insertion and removal and provides subtle support as it rests over the eye without shifting or irritation. 


Daily contacts are incredibly comfortable and hassle-free. Aside from the physical comfort of daily contacts, there is no maintenance required! The disposable convenience of dailies adds to the comfort of all-day wear by providing peace of mind. This option comes devoid of the added worry about cleaning, storing, and purchasing additional contact solution. Simply enjoy a new pair of flexible, moist lenses each day! 


Though pricing may vary, daily contacts typically start at around one dollar per day. Speak with our team here at EyeDeal Family Eye Care regarding your specific prescription to determine more exact pricing. 

Monthly Contacts

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Monthly contact lenses are worn on a prolonged basis and are intended for individuals with special prescriptions or more intricate corrective necessities. They are a durable, reusable alternative to traditional framed eyewear but provide the same stability for long-lasting support over an advanced stretch of time. 


Monthly contacts are made of a thicker, reusable hydrogel that must be properly cleaned and stored in fresh contact solution when they are not in use to prevent buildup and bacterial growth. These lenses are built to last, and they are a great option for those who enjoy more active participation in their eye care routine.  


The thicker nature of these lenses may feel a bit more noticeable on the eye. However, the extra support does not compromise comfort. These lenses become as undetectable as daily contacts with consistent wear! 


Monthly contacts can range on average around fifteen to twenty-five dollars per month. Prices may vary depending on your prescription, so be sure to speak with your EyeDeal optometrist to discuss pricing.

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Daily Vs. Monthly Contacts: Which Is The Better Option?

Now that you’ve been able to compare structure, comfort, and cost for both options, the choice is yours! Your preference will dictate which lens style and thickness is best for you. Both are great alternatives to traditional frames, and they provide the freedom of not having to worry about physical glasses falling or being knocked away during your everyday activities. Contacts are a great solution for sports, childcare, and many other routine tasks. Whether you want the ease of daily disposables or the structure of monthly lenses, book an appointment and choose your best style with EyeDeal Family Eye Care today! 

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