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Eyeglass Frames

If you want to upgrade your look with a new pair of eyeglasses, we’re ready to help! We carry top-notch brands like Police, Burberry, TC Charton, Ray-Ban, Eddie Bauer, and more to make sure that you get the quality and style you deserve. We’ll help you pick out the frames that look perfect on you! Browse our large variety of frames to find what you prefer. Feel free to call or stop by to see what selection we have in stock!


Contact Lenses

Prefer the more subtle look of contact lenses? We’ve got you covered! We carry almost every brand of specialty and regular contact lenses, so we’re certain we have exactly what you need! We even have specialty lens options that treat conditions such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. Ask our optometrists about trying orthokeratology lenses! Whatever your eye troubles are, we can help you with our contact lenses!

contact lens

Whatever makes you feel the most confident! We have a ton of choices for you to try that can fit any style. Whether you want a modern look or a classic feel, we have a pair that can suit you.

The top of your frames should be even with your eyebrow line. You don’t want too much eyebrow above or below the frames.

Your contact lenses should not cause you any pain while wearing them. If you’re experiencing pain while wearing contacts, call us right away.

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Clients say

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I left my visit pleased and with no questions.

Ivana B.

I had my first visit to this office a couple days ago and was nothing short of amazed! From the moment I walked in, front desk staff knew exactly who I was and were very welcoming. The doctor was also incredibly informative and did not leave me waiting long. Upon checkout, the ladies at the front were again very kind. I left my visit pleased and with no questions. Would definitely recommend anyone to make the switch to this practice!

The entire staff was professional and friendly.

Deborah S.

The entire staff was professional and friendly. I received the most thorough eye exam I’ve had in 40 years. Dr. Derrick spent plenty of time listening and recommending several options. New glasses were created in 15 minutes and I wore them home.

We had a very pleasurable experience.

Vincent F.

The front office staff was amazing and the doctor was great. We had our 18 mon twins with us and the front office helped keep them entertained. We had a very pleasurable experience.


Dr. Derrick Badaracco - Optometrist
Sarah Rankin - Dispensing Optician
Leslie Fuentes - Office Administrator
Jenni Czech - Dispensing Optician


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